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Mabel's Tallow



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This pure, rended tallow is perfect for cooking! 

With its high smoke point, tallow can be optimally used for frying, sautéing, BBQ, and roasting meats and vegetables alike. Tallow brings an unbeatable flavour to any dish you cook up and is a healthier option than many other cooking oil options. It is liquid when heated, and solid at room temperature. 

It's a great replacement if you're looking to ditch seed oils in your kitchen, as more research is coming out linking seed oils to obesity, inflammation, and other chronic disease ( source: ). 

*Please note: Colour may change from batch to batch


  • 8.8oz jar (250ml)
  • 3" width
  • 2.5" height

Care information

  • Store at room temperature (stable on the countertop) or chilled in the fridge during warmer months

  • Solid at room temperature
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