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Mabel's Tallow

Slocan Soap

Slocan Soap

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This beautiful bar of goodness is our purest product to date, with only one single ingredient: 100% tallow.

The Slocan Soap is unscented, and perfect for those with sensitive skin or who usually shy away from using bars of soap directly on your skin. With only one ingredient, coming from fresh from a local family farm, this bar of wonder will work to clean your skin without drying out your skin's moisture barrier or damaging your skin's biome. 

Safe for use on sensitive skin, including:

  • Face
  • Neck
  • Armpits
  • Aging skin
  • Babies

Other uses: I use this bar as a replacement for my facial cleanser as well.

Please note that because this soap is made from mammals who lived different lives, the colour of each bar is as individual as each cow. Bars will vary from a soft golden yellow, to a brilliant, pure white colour.

Care information

  • Store at room temperature (stable on the countertop) or chilled in the fridge during warmer months

  • Solid at room temperature
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Customer Reviews

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Brigitte P.
Slocan Soap

This is my first time using the Slocan Soap. I use it on my face daily. Combined with the Kalamahlka Whip and Slocan Soap I believe my skin has never been so soft!! I love this soap!!