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Mabel's Tallow

Skaha Chap

Skaha Chap

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This little beauty is a fresh twist on the original Shuswap Chap recipe of locally sourced tallow and organic beeswax, with the addition of fresh, organic mint, plucked straight from mom's garden. 

This chap comes in a twist top, metal container, small enough for your jeans pocket or the small zippered pouch of your bag, and is safe for use on children or folks with sensitive skin. 

Ideal for use in when you're out in windy, dry conditions, or for folks who spend a lot of time outdoors enjoying all the elements. 

*Please note: this lip chap is mildly scented. None of the products produced at Mabel's have extreme levels of scent. 


  • 4oz tin
  • 3.2" width
  • 1.1" height

Care information

  • Warmer months: store out of direct sunlight, in cool location.

  • Colder months: store at room temperature.

  • If your whip becomes too stiff for your preference, move it into a sunny area to soften. If it becomes too soft, you can move it back to a cooler location.

  • If your whip melts, no worries, you now have a tallow balm! You may use it as such, or whip it back into fluffy goodness. These transitions do not effect the efficacy of tallow, so no need to stress if your tin ends up in your car on a hot summer day, or chilly winter night. Your skin will be happy either way!
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