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Mabel's Tallow

Kootenay Whip

Kootenay Whip

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Woodland-scented and beautifully pure with only locally sourced tallow, cedar and pine whole plant extract, and organic jojoba oil, whipped to heavenly perfection. Smells like the Koots! 

Why pine and cedar, you ask? According to Indigenous peoples, pine is considered the tree of peace, as it helped to provide food, medicine and shelter to the people. Used topically, it can help to alleviate muscle and joint pain, while its aroma can calm nervousness, exhaustion and fatigue. Pine is also known to help with acne, eczema, and work as a deodorant.

While pine is the tree of peace, cedar is considered the tree of life; a grandmother tree. Aside from its infectious scent, cedar can provide relief for dry skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. Used in ceremony, cedar can be used to help drive out negative energy and to help bring someone into alignment from their physical being to their spiritual being. 

Ideal for areas that need deep, nourishing moisturizing, such as:

  • Hands
  • Feet
  • Elbows
  • Curves 
  • Or anywhere else that deserves some extra lovin'

A little goes a long way, so start small. You may find you need more initially, until your skin becomes less thirsty. 

*Please note: External use only. Consistencies may vary. 


  • 4oz tin
  • 3.2" width
  • 1.1" height

Care information

  • Warmer months: store out of direct sunlight, in cool location.

  • Colder months: store at room temperature.

  • If your whip becomes too stiff for your preference, move it into a sunny area to soften. If it becomes too soft, you can move it back to a cooler location.

  • If your whip melts, no worries, you now have a tallow balm! You may use it as such, or whip it back into fluffy goodness. These transitions do not effect the efficacy of tallow, so no need to stress if your tin ends up in your car on a hot summer day, or chilly winter night. Your skin will be happy either way!
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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Best for dry hands!!!

I am 57 and have very dry skin. So much so that my hands look like old lady hands. I am constantly washi by my hands which makes them even drier. So cream doesn’t last long. I saw Rachel at the SA Roots n Blues and purchased a tin. Wow I have never seen or felt the results that this has ever before. The skin on my hands feels amazing and they finally look smooth. Best part is my hands still look great after washing them. Thank you Rachel! I love this item!!! I will be ordering more. Might even be gifts for my girlfriends at Xmas!!

Absolutely amazing

This stuff is the best moisturizer I’ve ever used, doesn’t leave you with that oily lotion feeling and smells very subtle and natural. Repairing my faces moisture barrier is so easy with this stuff! But don’t take just my word for it. You have to try it yourself to see!! And the owner is a total cutie pie!! ❤️❤️ Can’t say enough good things!